What Weapons Would the U.S. Military Use Against North Korea?

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What Weapons Would the U.S. Military Use Against North Korea?

The first U.S. forces that would be involved in a North-South Korean conflict are those currently based in South Korea. On the ground, the U.S. Army rotates a new armored brigade into South Korea every nine months—currently the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division. Each brigade is manned by 3,500 soldiers and consists of three combined arms battalions, one cavalry (reconnaissance) battalion, one artillery battalion, one engineer and one brigade support battalion. Armored brigade combat teams typically consist of approximately 100 M1A2 Abrams tanks, 100 M2A3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and eighteen M109-series self-propelled howitzers.

The other major component of America powenr in Korea is U.S. tactical aviation. The U.S. Air Force maintains the 51st Fighter Wing [5] at Osan Air Base, consisting of the 25th Fighter Squadron at equipped with A-10C Thunderbolt II ground attack jets and the 36th Fighter Squadron with F-16C/D Fighting Falcon fighters (about forty-eight aircraft in all). The 8th (“Wolfpack”) Fighter Wing [6] at Kunsan Air Base consists of the 35th and 80th Fighter Squadrons, which fly a total of forty-five F-16C/Ds. The A-10Cs have the mission of close air support, while the F-16C/Ds are responsible for air interdiction, close air support and counter-air.


uh wot says:

Why would you want the world to know what kind of weapons you are using? Wtf this is traitorous.

Jose Rivera says:

Life is so odd Japan was our enemies and now they serve on our side, I sometimes wonder what we're it be like if Japan was to go Rouge and attack the USA for the two atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan, just wondering that's all.

myint oo maung says:

Some subtitle spelling must be corrected.

大潮 Tide says:

It's useless to beat North Korea without facing Russia and China.

James St. John says:

Yes get Kim to go for Tha Twinkies.

Deepak Jindal says:

thumbs down for the robotic voice.

Mark Davis says:

Cut the robotic narrative.

United States Marine Corps says:

A war with North Korea will be over in 3 weeks. The North Korean Military will end up like the Iraqi Military did. They will learn why we Marines are not a force to reckon with!!!! #USMilitary #USArmy #USMarines #USAF #USNavy

Chad Parker says:

No one really realize the power. Of the U.S. being the world police we have the experience of every m kind of warfare. …..

Umpa Lumpa says:

The U.S. should drop a few twinkies around were they think little kim could be and you should be guaranteed to get a good shot at him.

CONTRA says:

Every military channel is on a North Korea frenzy.

Dr Bendover says:

half of everyone thinks just bring it on the other half has their head in the sand.

D3volisher Draco says:

I'm not in the military but why not cripple north korea and have them surrender? Is the US not heavily backed by most countries in this region of conflict?

Boeingemployee1989 says:

America kept sending aircraft near North Korea and North Korea kept making nuclear threats but nobody is still doing anything about it at all

carlos andre says:

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Donald Petkus says:

Kim's threats and sabre rattling may be a negotiating strategy. North Koreans are chronically underfed, and winter is coming. At some point, he expects the outside world to bribe him with foreign aid. It worked before, but that was before Trump. Kim's crazy behavior may seem a smart move to him. Or he may be as crazy and suicidal as he appears.

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