Is The U.S. Military Prepping For War With North Korea? [Pt.2] | Direct From With Dena Takruri – AJ+

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Tensions are heating up on the Korean peninsula, with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and President Trump exchanging heated threats. AJ+’s Dena Takruri visits a U.S. military unit in South Korea whose motto is “Ready to Fight Tonight.” And she travels to a village where the U.S. military’s most advanced missile defense system, THAAD, has been installed in a remote village despite protests by local people.

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GivenFactNotFiction says:

The few of us that give a dam understand that we live in a notion of war mongers. I as a black will refuse to fight in any war for profit.

Omar20ve says:

whos that reporter? shes banging fine!

Niuean Laho says:

Surprise attack is now out the window thanx to this video…

Zhiang zu says:

Question is how many of these are chibese party plants…..

Lingi6 says:

U.S will have to leave Korean peninsula, if Korean peninsula reunites. China won't let U.S patrolling its borders.
DPRK is kinda buffer zone..

Texas Jerry says:

Wait till the hills are running red with blood of their own as the N. Korea forces storm over the border. Then they’ll wish they had more military.

Gordie LaChance says:

I want to be over there fighting. I wish I was old enough to join the military

PremiunHCE_ 504 says:

No one likes the U. S

Greg Grimer says:

Calm before the storm. Calm before the storm.

TheJohnChocolate says:

great tiddies!

Edward Snowden says:

I was waiting for the activists to say why they didn't want a system that has capabilities of shooting down missiles

LordMcNugget says:

i like how the reporter is pretty much a thot…

latino americano says:

poor north korea you are ONE of the few countrys with no INTERNATIONAL BANK…if you get one nobody will mess with you

Maiwand Khan says:

america nathing do u it north korea power supar

Afinati says:

"Lady, if you cry, then I have to cry too." It is necessary for global security and the prosperity and democratic rights of the South Korean people that the border be strongly defended. A status quo scenario subjects millions of North Koreans to tyranny and privation, concession subjects billions more to potential exploitative war through an erosion of the global order. Jang Kyung Sun has lived a secure life since the Communist invasion over half a century ago because of the West's commitment to containment. With Chinese backing and U.S. departure, South Korea would have fallen any number of years before now. I get that the U.S. is exploiting the relationship and may even drag Korea and Japan and China and Russia and, if the defense industry gets its way, everyone to war, I get the urge to let a nation decide its own policy and a village to have peace of mind. But re-read that quote because nobody lives alone.

Joseph Montante says:


MarsuveezBlack says:

Bunch of cry babies. Ohh nooo my village noo! Ok would you rather just watch your village burn when North Korea strikes?

Zavid Al Rasyid says:

the sad fact is
Korean Civil War prolonged by USA intervention

But without US, there is NO Republic of Korea
in other case, if Chinese didnt help NK, Korea would united now,

so, im saying, lets just hope NK didnt have time to push their buttons

Asim Zia says:

For a moment I thought the guy in the thumbnail was Johnny Sins.

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