Acupuncture MIRACLE?! (Beauty Trippin)

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Acupuncture may seem like a well-known wellness treatment to you, but no one at Clevver had ever done it, so we were super curious!! It’s kinda strange to turn into a human pincushion, but totallyyyy worth it! We felt like we learned SO MUCH, but definitely won’t be trying this at home anytime soon. (Aka – please don’t try this at home anytime soon.)

If you wanna go see our Acupuncture guy, who we HIGHLY recommend, get his info here:

Talk to the girls about the episode!

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Andrew Francis says:

I feel like everything he said is sexual?

can't think of one says:

Does he ever forget to take one out

Claudette Hopkins says:

Tattoos Or Botox

Linda Nguyen says:

"not that herb"

Little Fuzzy Lps says:

Cool. I'm gonna know what to get coupons for for my mom from BUETY TRIPPING I mean these are crazy.

Zanthy Whyte says:

Is it just me or do they look tike sisters

Rachelle Flores says:

“It’s so loose in there” “well we can’t help with that” WOAAAHHH IT JUST ESCALATED ‼️‼️

Ava_itzlit Af says:

“Why didn’t you do that for me?”…. “because I don’t like you” I’m dead lmfao

Tasha Lydia says:

He needs to be my doctor god he was hot

Entertainment 21 says:

Awesome guy

kenziewolf 44 says:

he shouldve ask lills out on a date

selena bryant says:

That look painful

lauren steele says:

What would happen to lille she dosent have a shirt on lamo

Lucy Hoodless says:

He's so sweet

Twenty Øne Piløts Fan says:

That guy is great

Neil Rigsbee says:

It's faster and more natural if you just throw a cactus at someone for a easier way of acupuncture

Justin Briggs says:

Fucking environment lovers i run big dodge Cummins

Moniimarie 88 says:

Erin: I have a lot of poop stuck inside me.
Me: ME!

CJ Media says:

He looks like the buddy from the smurfs

Bridget Hayes says:

Why is everyone tripping over the needle in the haystack just light the fucking thing on fire

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