Update: Problem with Chemo Pills

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Hey Lovelies!!

Some things don’t mix with a chemo pill but I am doing way better!

Thank you so much! I love you guys!

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Alexandria Rivera says:

Can you please talk about your job at the school? You have not said what is the outcome of that.


The pharmacist and prescribing doctor should have looked at your profile and seen the pills you’re taking and known it was the xanax… makes me mad doctors prescribe things and then are astonished when there’s a side effect

Kathy H says:

I am soooo happy you aren't taking Xanax!!! My friend was on it for years and it took her over a year of withdrawal symptoms AFTER stopping them slowly…. all benzodiazepines are highly addictive and REALLY mess up the mind:(

Ashley Childers says:

I’ve been thinking about you a lot recently. We recently found out that my very young step brother has a tumor on his brain stem that is a little smaller than a tennis ball. I’ve been thinking about how strong you are and how fast you’re bouncing back. Praying for you and your recent loss as well. Such an inspiration. ❤️

Sara anne says:

thats because chemo is completely toxic western medicine sucks

Jane Tatum says:

Court, Immunocal (non-toxic, GRAS) has had a U.S. Patent since ’99 for anti-cancer, anti-tumor. 22 claims that pass U.S. gov't approval. That’s huge: https://www.google.com/patents/US5888552 52 peer-reviewed scientific publications! Most drugs have 1/6th of that! In the U.S. PDR (Physician's Desk Reference) under medicine b/c efficacy but it’s a nutriceutical, in CPS (Canada), and Pharmacist's Red Book (U.S.). Www.Immunotec.com/Tatum It works, given enough time, but time is not always our friend, as they say. This at 7:10 has metastatic cancer success story by Dr of a patient, old vid but whole thing good!: https://youtu.be/W_pRUeETP2E   https://youtu.be/2vwSUTjHKskhttps://youtu.be/N3di2a39VYU http://informed-choice.org/supplement-search/brand/immunotec . Listing of a couple dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers in which Immunocal was used: http://www.immunotec.com/IRL/Public/en/CAN/d2012_science_published.wcp?&site=tatum It's a DSN Top 100 company.

Since radiation can cause secondary cancer in time, it's very important to fight that possibility.

Immunocal boosts glutathione more effectively than anything else known. Glutathione is most abundant in the fastest healing parts of the body, lenses of the eyes and liver. Glutathione cannot be taken straight orally and utilized. Immunocal is a precursor, glutathione is then generated in the body as a sort of chemical reaction. Totally different than dead whey protein bought at drug stores. This is undenatured w/ double bonded Cysteine which allows acceptance of the molecule across the cell membrane, generating glutathione. I could go on about success stories.

Here's a few: There's a study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18158761 on Immunocal in lung cancer patients that showed patients on Immunocal retained weight or reversed weightloss and they were able to continue chemo & radiation more continuously vs. without Immunocal, some patients had to take breaks in treatment for complications and lost weight, which gives cancer more opportunity to progress. My uncle had polycythemia…now asymptomatic. No treatment is offered, they just bleed you of excess red blood cells and wait til it turns into leukemia. Same benefits w/ a long time local businessman. Dr was taking red blood cells and waiting for it to turn to leukemia, no other treatment offered and he became asymptomatic and no longer had to have blood taken. 

A Realtor my dad went to school with since elementary was going into Parkinson's stage 3 on meds from Stanford. Just barely slowing it down. On 3 packets Immunocal Platinum, he now can work full days after not being able to for months. Before Immunocal he could only talk 10 min. Now he can talk an hr+ and told us to spread the word of his experience!

Orders can be made directly through website www.Immunotec.com/Tatum or direct co line: 888-917-7779 give ID 148437 5 days/wk,  until 6:00 Pacific, 9:00 Eastern.

Pretty Woman says:

I wouldn't do xanax. I've had horrible reactions to it. Mixing it with chemo pills!!! I can't imagine. Try Ativan instead. Much better for neurological issues even. Ativan has much cleaner effect. But maybe not with chemo pill

Sam Es says:

Xanex could definitely slur your speech, and make you feel very slow and out of it too. Just a thought to be careful about 🙂

Christine Horwath says:

PS lol my mom is still taking her chemo pills and she has been cancer free for about two years now you can do it

Christine Horwath says:

You are so gorgeous and strong I'm on xanax for anxiety and I can't imagine not taking it I get so anxious

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