Food For Cancer Patients to cure or control Cancer | Baba Ramdev Yoga YouTube

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Food For Cancer Patients to cure or control Cancer | Baba Ramdev Yoga YouTube Health Wealth Happiness

RamDev Yoga videos will provide information on how to cure or control Cancer..Every year, around 60 lacs and even more people are dying due to cancer, across the world. This video is an extract of the observations and result obtained from the treatments, experiments and medication practiced on thousands of Cancer Patients. To benefit the humankind, this video includes methods to cure Cancer through Pranayam, Aasans, Acupressure and Ayurvedic Treatments.

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Food For Cancer Patients to cure or control Cancer


Ravi Patel says:

No one dies of cancer except out of carelessness;

(1). First step is to stop all sugar intake, without sugar in your body, cancer cells would die a natural death.

(2). Second step is to blend a whole lemon fruit in a cup of hot water and drink it before food. Do this for about 1-3 months and cancer would disappear. Research by Maryland College of Medicine says, it's 1000 times better than chemotherapy.

(3). Third step is to drink 3 spoonful of organic coconut oil, morning and night and cancer would disappear.
(4). Take Curcumin C3 Power 1 Morning and 1 Evening post meal for 6 months and cancer would disappear.

Ignorance is no excuse. Let everyone around you know, it's a sacrilege for anyone this day to die of cancer; God bless.

To know more about Cancer or Curcumin C3 Power, don’t hesitate to call 9766098527

Enjoy your wonderful day.

Merv C says:

How can you cure cancer when Cancer is not a disease according to Sadguru unless you all are so confused

Hesham el-essawy says:

Cancer out in a day or so !
El-Essawy Aternative Health

sai navya says:

cancer cures with only rohini rasayana medicine
his contact number 9912680745

meletes yia fitites says:

control cancer is al pedo and small farts

jesus bless says:

jesus bless 2 minutes ago
esus bless 1 second ago
A call to prayer in the world is going through difficult times .GOD desire All people will be saved and to come to the knowledge of God in Christ , if you need or prayers or want to know more about Jesus bless you in jesus name
getting help from jesus is simple just tell believe and ask

Karna Errande says:

I don't think that's how this works…

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