Software Inc: Alpha 9 | PART 3 | MAKING WAVES

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Software Inc Alpha 9 is now available! Let’s see how well we get on with supply and demand, as well as the new development process!
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Di Wichern says:

That cliffhanger!!

Matthew Long says:

You shall make a game called halo

Alex Toms says:

I am going to say 1.5 mil – 2 mil in profit Dylan

Austin Randall says:

If you're in 1985, then why is it "Plane Tricks 2015"? The previous company must've held time-traveling capabilities obviously.

Jamie Elaine says:

Hey CN is there anyway you can do a tutorial on Hr support?

LxTic Metro says:

When I play software inc I don't have the printers and pallets.. anyone know why?

Isaiah Garrett says:

Why do you keep ordering copies when you have a huge room dedicated to printing your own copies for a much cheaper price

Harvestminer says:

I think the company take overs out of the blue was that, you had most stock in the company, when their own stock dipped down it resulted in them having less of their own stock which made you the biggest share holder and that means your the new boss

Kuzog says:

Your intro makes me feel like i'm in a game show. a W for that.

DrKoktail says:

Btw did u notice? but it says customer support +1

ThebigFozz VII says:

make more SOFTWARE IINC!!!!!!!

Harvles93 says:

ALSO!!!!! in regards to the confusion with companies buying out etc. its when another company buys your shares you get money and it comes up saying such and such is bought out

Harvles93 says:

Fuck sake, they need to change CMS from that, everytime I hear it, it just reminds me of work.. Child Miantenance Service.

meh mehabd says:

If the title isnt an intentional pun im disappointed

TheWKDlover says:

Pls build a reception

Camden Martin says:

What happened to planet coaster

Manuel González Rivera says:

You should build a room with servers. Assign the projects (SCM & server) and use your own servers, put the servers in Rack configuration. Is supposed to decrease errors and bugs, and increase the develop speed.

marc almazor says:

You suppose to put the parking lot in front of the offices not behind

Henry Reinert says:

I am loving this series! Keep pumping it out!

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