Scary United States Armed Forces – How Powerful is USA? U.S Military Power 2016

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Increase your pacing.

Kyle Bowers says:

Trump is running the show now! Better respect or you might get Murcia slapped.

Ben Rudd says:

I don't ever want to see a picture of mother fucking BO on a clip about the US Military. That fucking douche has no respect for America or the troops that protect it.

Shadow H. Mask says:

The US military has failed the world.
We no longer have any faith in your military capacity or capability.

The Taliban control more of Afghanistan than they did 15 years ago.
Libya and Yemen is overun with Al-qaeda and other affiliates.
Iraq the centre of the US's war on terror is strangely full of more terrorists than ever.

And recently the US airforce and intelligence sevices lacked the ability or capacity to detect 5000+ ISIS members moving through open desert from Raqqa and Mosul towards Palmyra in tanks and other military vehicles.

The US military is impotent and useless.
Shame on you.

kitt chai says:


larda meatloaf says:

The USA has the most Advance military Ever!! it also has no health care, crime rate is way more advance then any other country, you dept is baddd really baddd like wtf

Blaze says:

Wow to many idiotic comments below, most i could tell from stupid ungrateful americans and even some retarded patriots.

Ravi Verma says:

Cool Mannn ……
One of the Best Army ..
Respect From India …

Tie your life with a goal says:

Best Army in the world by far .

Alex Williamson says:

Gotta love all the down votes. Lol. USA! USA! USA!

Jay Velcamp says:

Makes me sick to see B Hussein Obama as commander in chief.

Jeremy Williams says:

If Russia and China is stronger why don't they attack us ohh yeah were the strongest nation and strongest military weapons on this planet and you talk about debt are economy is getting better with trump he's already took 1.3 million business and brought them to the us from China!

Jeremy Williams says:

@loveofpeace your a dumbass kid that statement had no proof behind it

Collier Todd Hageman says:

There are some statistics that are conspicuously absent from these figures. The listing of the US Air Forces aircraft didn't even have an entry for bombers. The listing of US Naval Power totally ignored the large number of tactical and strategic aircraft flown by the US Navy and US Marine Corps. It also totally ignored the sea and air power of the USA's 5th branch of the military – the US Coast Guard.

David Lyon says:

All this show of American firepower and yet they could not defeat farmer Mohamed on horse back with his 40 year old rusty AK-47 and home made IED's, something wrong somewhere.

Jeremy Williams says:

@aerolift are you dumb the us still has Billon's if dollars and we are the #1 superpower if China and Russia are so strong why can't they try to attack ohh wait were stronger I forgot my bad… like gtfoh

JT says:

USA is superior in every aspect, Military, man power, Nuclear weapons etc.

aerolift says:

the world hates US they are bullies. if US was strong, they couldn't take control of any Iraq or Afgh who fight with traditional weapons. 15 years and counting. big toys and small brains don't make you strong. grow up

Robbie B says:

All very good but just smoke and mirrors against the reality of modern conventional and nuclear war.
Stealth aint that stealthy

It is easy enough to cherry pick stories however it seems incongruous that to compare military might in such narrow terms is not informative nor instructive and merely an advert for the gross incompetence of the Congress in managing the Pentagon who always plead poverty but never held to task for the missing $6.2 TRILLION into black budgets and all while the country's infrastructure crumbles.

jake p says:

Good thing we are the good guys

pmp2559 says:

Yet usa has to borrow money from china how rich lol, what good will all those weopons be if the usa has so many crying whiny babies for not having their way lmbo us needs better stronger kids

Mark Fox says:

Blah blah blah

pepakuro22 says:

video was cool, music atmosphere was cancer

Stephen Sellers says:

the public will never know what all the military has you think a hammer really cost $60 millon lol

Rally Boyd says:

Why they gotta nig this up with the music?

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