10 Actors Who Actually “Did It” On Screen

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10 movie scenes where actors and actresses really did it on screen.

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10 Actors Who Actually “Did It” On Screen


Gabrielle Adger says:

This is just a way to sexual us more smh I could never do that on camera!

lehman says:

pink flamingos baby

Serai3 says:

Guys, that's not a picture of Donald Sutherland in MASH. That's Alan Alda.

Serai3 says:

A 3-D bukkake? AHAHAA.

Beatnik says:

I thought he would include the Canadian film "Short Bus"

Xander says:

When did Baertaffy start narrating these?

Bloo Lolololol 2nd account says:

wait 11:36 why didn't youtube ban this? it shows the woman's nipple I didn't think you were allowed to do that

Adam Yribarren says:

Who is on the left side of the thumbnail?

Kleos Major says:

why did this video from top trending have to go viral out of all the new content this one deserves it ok my life is ruined

CrabbyAbbyRants says:

Why mention that Donald Sutherland played Hawkeye in the film MASH, yet show a photo of Alan Alda as Hawkeye on the MASH TV show? Why not post a pic of Sutherland?

Blacharrt says:

um Ken pARKS

Estefanía Núñez says:

I remember the first time I turned on the TV at midnight, I watched The Center of the world… My life hasn't been the same since then

Eeee says:

12 is way too many minutes of a guy talking over that backing track

theINQBS says:

It's Pronounced Sev-In-Yay! Not Sevig=Knee!

Sam Verburg says:


taonal13 says:

stacy martin probably lied about the nymphomaniac scenes to protect herself and her career. the patriarchy isn't kind to actresses… look at the whole chloe sevigny thing. shia lebouf fucks a costar onscreen? he's on fire! stacy martin fucks a costar onscreen? her career's in danger! fuck the patriarchy, man… it makes me sick

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