Christmas Decor Trends 2016

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There’s something truly magical about getting out our Christmas tree and traditional Christmas decorations every year, ones that have special memories. It is also nice to freshen up our Christmas decorations with a modern theme and look for inspiration in the current design trends. Here are the Christmas decorating trends we think are going to be very popular in 2016.

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Fresh Forest Christmas Decorating Theme:
Hamptons Coastal Christmas Decorating Theme:
Luxe Christmas Decorating Theme:
Mixed Metals Christmas Decorating Theme:
Pastels & Pearls Christmas Decorating Theme:
Rustic Christmas Decorating Theme:

Copper Seed Fairy Lights:
Shop Grey and Pink:
Christmas Trees:
Icicle Glass Baubles:
Craft Baubles:

Share with us as we bring this special time of year alive in our homes for our friends and family to enjoy.

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Lacey Shaw says:

Like the decor for Christmas, if want to know the decor light,pls refer to

LLL “Laulo” says:

Someone needs to dust that table the lady is leaning on sheesh

Wally Mohammed says:

beautiful ideas..thank you..

Tiki Tiffany says:

i want to change my style this year, but scared to start from scratch.

Martina Pigott says:

Lovely ~ thank you so much!

Adele Smith says:

Do you stock the reindeer shown at 1:18 in this video?

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