Nicotine Addiction
Developed by No Smokes, this animation explains how nicotine affects the brain and causes people to become addicted to cigarettes. No Smokes is an online resource to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth to [More]
Final 3:39 of Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals | Cavaliers vs Warriors
We flashback to the final 3 minutes and 39 seconds of Game 7 of the NBA Finals where 2 of the best plays in NBA History transpired! About the NBA: The NBA is the premier [More]
BEST Of NBA Christmas From Past 10 Years!
Here are some of the best highlights of NBA games on Christmas from the past 10 years. About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada. The [More]
Kerak castle (Jordanie / Jordan / الأردن) in 1991
Caution : This video is very old (1991) (EN) Kerak Castle is a large crusader castle located in Kerak in Jordan. It is one of the largest crusader castles in the Levant. Construction of the [More]
Figthing Degenerative Diseases with Medical Research Meet Chee Yeun Chung, a researcher in the Weinberg Lab of Cancer BIology at MIT. Chee Yeun’s research involves stem cell development and contributes to finding out what goes wrong in neuron development. To [More]
2016 Flu Vaccine: Shot vs. Mist Debate
Pediatricians are concerned many children won’t be immunized against flu this year after the CDC recently determined the nasal flu vaccine, sold as FluMist, is ineffective. The CDC recommended people instead get the injections. WSJ’s [More]
Flu season 2016, Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatments
Flu Season 2016, Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatments. Author: Jane Hendricks NMD, naturopathic doctor in Scottsdale, AZ Go to our youtube channel Join our facebook page at
Stem Cells and the Future of Medicine – Research on Aging
(Visit: Lawrence Goldstein, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine and the Department of Neurosciences at UCSD School of Medicine, as well as the Director of the UCSD Stem Cell Program, [More]
ندوة how to do a medical research
يسر نادي الطب والإبداع بأن يقدم تسجيل لندوة How To Do a Medical Research التي قدمها الدكنور : فوزي بابطين إستشاري أمراض المخ والأعصاب رئيس قسم الكيمياء الحيوية كم تم إستضافة مجموعة من الطلاب [More]
The journey of medical research
Behind every pill there is an exciting and complex journey driven by the hope, determination and hard work of scientists. Many important but challenging choices need to be made along the way, but scientists keep [More]