Logo Design Process | Adobe Illustrator CC | Adobe Photoshop CS6 | Elephant (Time Lapse)

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Logo Design Process | Adobe Illustrator CC | Adobe Photoshop CS6 | Elephant (Time Lapse)

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Hello awesome people! I am back again with a second video on the playlist “Logo Design Process”. In this video I show you how I created this professional looking concept logo design called ‘Elephant’ in four steps from scratch using a reference image of an elephant from the internet.

You can skip through the steps by clicking on the time stamp below. The steps involved in the process are as follows:
00:00:10 Step 1. Sketching out the idea (in Photoshop)
00:06:12 Step 2. Vectorizing the sketch (in Illustrator)
00:08:54 Step 3. Adding Details and refining (in Illustrator)
00:11:18 Step 4. Adding text (in Illustrator)

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Corridosmex says:

can you do it more slowly?

LennyGames says:

Hey, do you can speak german? :)

S. Jones says:

GOALS!! Thanks..Gonna have a go at the software. What tablet models you recommend for logo creations?

SkotozeTM says:

OMG Your are fucking awesome +1 sub;)

Jiali Li says:

That is amazing! You just make everything look so easy.

walid 215 says:

i want dzsign pleasee

Kharis Afandy says:

This is amazing bro.. maybe you can make tutorial video with normal pace video, not speed art like this, so we can learn a lot.. Thank You :)

Neli Lutkouskaya says:

Great job! Would be so helpful to see part 3 in real time and with some comments from you!

BeDaBoss24 says:

Really good Work


Fantastic! Could you make video of using shapes to crop from different shape, and coping and moving shapes? It would be really helping. Thanks.

rajat patel says:

Nice colors and illustration man..

yogananth gopinathan says:

good job

Ilyass Ayyad says:

u are the best bro.

Jayesh Panchal says:

nice logo And helpful

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