CNN host Brooke Baldwin loses it when Trump-bashing guest uses N-word on the show

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Alex says:

Hahaahahahahahaahhahaahhaahhaahhahaahahhahahahahahahahaahahahhigihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihih why tf does she cry lmfao

Alex says:

It's ok to say the N-Word if you're quoting something. Wtf

jim paris says:

get over it its a word!! oh shes married to one. sorry lmao!!

Deshawn Smile says:

Any Whiteboy call me n-word We Fighting

2011Account22 says:

Brooke Baldwin, using crocodile tears to strum up her importance. Kaiser was merely quoting (incorrectly, might I add) and is in full support of CNN's Liberal agenda. Clearly she was just triggered.

ronaldo galvan says:

was the quote that he used true ?

gjaddajg says:

lol, what a fucking retard. Does CNN find their ''journalists'' on tumblr?

Terence McClain says:

GTFOH with that fake bullshit. Dude shouldve worded better but it wasn't malicious in its intend. I'm a black man and this is just stupid with them trying to pander to individuals just for ratings

Sara dahl says:

He literally didn't say nigga in an offensive way…. but an informative way….

mark224 says:

This is why women shouldn't be in media

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