forex trading course part 1/5 – learn to trade forex

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Here’s guys a part 2 =
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Jaystar9999 says:

great video man

Francisco Rivera says:

Reza Mokhtarian google him he is a scammer!!

Forex PeaceArmy says:

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Im Ratanak says:

I so much love you

mr ruzaki says:

this man is awsome .. and admin of chanell thanks for posting this broo

Alfalfa says:

Thank you for everything…i really took notes.

Ndemazeah Godlove says:

God bless you so much man .your teachings are wonderful. thank you so much. God will continue to give you the wisdom and energy.
I am a young trader from Cameroon who is just learning every thing about Forex now. I will also like to get to you in person sir if you don't mind

justgjt says:

Being a gun trader, just trade. Dont rely on advertising income from your video blogging, share the feed, share the feed…..far too many adds. Its annoying and damages your cred.

colton marx says:

yaayyyyy too many ads on this

Ykia Bao says:

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Mangaliso Nomnga says:

you blessing the world God Bless you big bro

Zintle Mgolombane says:

a true BLESSER is what you are Sir……

reco daley says:

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lastr0 says:

Hello. Why do you record your Course on such a low video quality? The Resolution is so low. How come? Why not buy a good Camera, with great lighting?

I don't understand why you would invest in such things as expensive cars, etc and not in a sound recording equipment?
Thank you.

‫علي احمد‬‎ says:

This guy is scam lol ,
Google "Reza Mokhtarian"

Ian MacMillan says:

How do I find you on Periscope?

Cenot4ph says:

Your volume story is inaccurate. There is volume in Forex but it's not a centralized marketplace like a stock exchange it's therefore not possible to know the total volume traded at one point in time for your broker (and thus for you). Your broker is connected to a level 1 bank feed(s). So it will see only part of the market volume traded at any point in time. This is different from stocks where volume of the total market is known (level 2). Secondly, FX volume is fluctuating during the day. In particular London/NY session has the most volume traded during the day typically. It will dry up during high priority news (CPI, Interest Rate, NFP, etc) and at end of day close to roll over. If you're not aware of this, you'll be getting stopped out frequently or get quite high slippage when trying to close your positions. If you want to visualize this, open a chart in your brokers software and setup a chart with both ask and bid prices. There difference, the spread, will increase/decrease based on volume traded typically


you are the most generous man i know ty for sharing your experience. :-)

Jabbar Mohammed says:

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richie m says:


Oscar Contreras says:

bro I accept to be your mentoree in exchange for me helping u better your content and channel. this is too awesome not to be in everyone's head

Chris Mckinnie says:

i thought the sec regulated it to x100 your money

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