5 Most INSANE Rulers in History

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Here we take at 5 of the most insane rulers in history.

What If Hitler Won World War II?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL9TOipHrIA
10 Dumbest Reasons People Got Arrested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewD-tu3ItA4
5 Weirdest Weapons Of All Time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s7NW8ji2rk

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5 Most INSANE Rulers In History


Ian N says:

In famous?

Been watching too much 'three amigo's'?

It's not pronounced in famous.

FootBasinVideoDesigns says:

Charles VI is not Charles the fourth. Dang it, Please Send Help beat me to it… now I'm so sad.

TsumeShinra says:

Persia never invaded Italy

kyle carleton says:

just saying you used the wrong roman numerals

cerinryder says:

sorry to be that guy at 1:57 it say "charles VI of france" as in (charles the 6th of france) it should be Charles IV of france. i know it little and minor but it bug she with in seconds sorry again :)

Yung Charizard says:

Where the fuck is Caligula

Neon says:

In the Charles the IV you did the 4 wrong you did a 6 just saying great vid tho

SlackHax says:

charles the 6th?

Zombie slaya says:

Henry VI *IV

Kate Dunno says:

You forgot to add Caligula

FemaleSniper xXx says:

All these names are wrong

Rod Miller says:

1:57 The narrator says Charles the fourth. the video says Charles the VI (sixth).

Ideal Akash says:

fake fake fake fake fake

Eclypson Gaming says:

Game of thrones 2.0

Manish Sharma says:

These graphics make it sound so fun!

Hillary Rodham Clinton For Pres 2k16 m8 says:

I'm sorry, after you saying Justin Two instead of Justin the Second. I just fucking couldn't

Firebrand says:

Not only misleading but factually wrong too. Thumbs down for this entire channel.

AZ DieselTech (AZDieselTech) says:

"Charles the 4th" in Roman Numerals is IV not VI. VI is 6. Just saying.

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