Panama Papers explained

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BAKU – On Sunday, April 3rd, a number of global media networks published articles based on the confidential leaked documents from the Panama-based law firm, Mossack Fonseca. The leak includes roughly 11.5 million documents or 2.6 terabytes of data. By comparison, the 2010 Wikileaks Cablegate was roughly 1.7 gigabyte, and the previous 2013 offshore leaks were 260 gigabytes. In short, the data leak, now known as the Panama Papers, is the largest in size.

The Panama Papers reveal how some of the world’s most influential figures have used offshore bank accounts to avoid taxes or conceal their wealth. The list of people includes international politicians such as the Presidents Mauricio Macri, Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister David Cameron and even celebrities like Lionel Messi. What’s more is that the Panama Papers expose the level of corruption in the global financial system.

In this report, we will explain what the Panama Papers are. We will also explore some of the geopolitical related records and what impacts they will have.

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Johannes Grosz says:

for the record: president of China is ɕǐ tɕîn.pʰǐŋ 🙂
thx for the upload btw!

awhodothey says:

How do american companies hide tax information from the US by keeping their accounts in the US? That doesn't make sense. The US might be a tax haven for foreigners, but obviously they share information internally, and any wealth produced in the US is going to be real hard to hide.

Prashant !!! says:

I would be surprised if India name wasn't involved! I bet India would be no.1 corrupt in the list !! No tax structure , democracy is to fool us by rich class

Godlike Demon says:

Can you make a video on Bulgaria?

De4sher says:

What country is Shrivan from?

Ka'lika T. Fria'niquia (Tay Tay) says:


Flankymanga says:

US initiated the panama papers

BravoTwoZero Sadek says:

It REALLY wouldn't surprise me 1 bit if the Panama Papers were made available by the US or by a faction within the elite US societies.

Hybridtheory2007 says:

Looking forward to a CaspianReport video on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Darc Gibson says:

Just a note: It doesn't include David Cameron himself, it includes his father. Cameron himself is actually attempting to lead some sort of international movement against it (maybe just national can't remember).

LithzIII says:

8% of the World GDP,……shocking.

zuccini monster says:

I got Goldman Sachs AD during the middle of this video lol

itsnotatoober says:

such great research. i dont know what you could get out of doing all this work. I hope you have success in life

ronyasmith says:

Your analysis is very in-depth and objective. I really respect your videos.

VShalak says:

The amount of "M-muh American propanda!" tin foil hat bullshit in this comment section is hilarious.

Ron Walker says:


Joy Ying says:

You mentioned that the reason that there is limited number of US shell companies exposed in the Panama Papers is that US does not participate in the CRS. However, the first round of exchange of information for all CRS participating countries is only in 2017. These leaked documents are not leaked because of their participation in CRS, but because somebody whistleblew. Do you think CRS will change anything at all in terms of greater Tax Transparency?

Brown Town says:

great piece. but how are you pronouncing the letter J wrong when it's right on the screen? are you not involved in the production of the visuals of your videos?

anyway, love your channel.

DutchEastIndianApplePie says:

9:05 The map of India and Pakistan you have in this video is incorrect. Hyderabad is in India NOT in Pakistan.

DutchEastIndianApplePie says:

Bullshit. Putin did not have anything to do with Mossak Fonseca!!!!!!

Lubhomir says:

This documentary forgot to mention the i think most important thing from Turkish point of view (which i think the aurthor is). And that is, that Panama papaers do mention their president Erdogan. Strangely, they did not forgot abot Putin. But i understand it, when german citizen was making fun of Erdogan, he is now facing possible jail sentence. It is a good documentary, but not objective, it is mostly Turkish world view.

Joe Bloggs says:

so what everybody knows all these billionaires got rich through corruption Thats capitalism

Nathaniel Myers says:

I was surprised about Iceland. The rest not so much.

Tec Zockt says:

I just want to thank you for making such interesting videos.

hamad AL-Sulaiti says:

i dont know why people say about the former qatari prime minester qatar has no taxes

Karl Johnson says:

Clear analysis as always. I do find a subtle bias against Putin in many of your reports. Concealed but there, often ever so slightly emphasizing his flaws as opposed to the flaws of other world leaders, if they remain not unmentioned at all.
Correct me if I'm wrong. It could very well be my own slight bias for Putin.

Another thing. Soros. Soros is one of the most influential people on world affairs at this time. Please do reports on Soros. He seems to be entangled in almost everything. Thank you

Søren Markov says:

holy shit what a great fucking channel, just stumbled upon this, this is GOLD

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