16 Terrifying Rare Birth Diseases

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Narrated by: Darren Marlar

“Ossuary 7 – Resolve” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Kboxy says:

4:23 Omg that's so cute

Kboxy says:

All of these parents should have aborted when the doctor said there was a problem with the baby. Like are the parents that dumb to make the poor baby live a very hard pointless life just so he can eventually die ?? Humanity needs serious help

Rachella Brand says:

This makes me think of the brightborn babies from Orphan Black

Kumi Kawaii says:

7:51 isn't that the 17-year-old that was on TedTalks?

winter ramos says:

#10 looks like my cousin Cyclops

Diana Apodaca says:

poor babys and if people in school make fun of them its not the childs fault that he or she was born like that

Lev Ko says:

God works in mysterious ways.Right? Fucker has an evil sense of humor

beepIL says:

"it is a fatal condition, at or right after birth"
showing a picture of two big girls with the condition

beepIL says:

why would cyclopia be so fatal? so the eyes could not be divided into two, and they dont have a nose… what in this condition that makes it so fatal?

Edwin Oldenburger says:

oh got! its zo …… bleh! oh my goodness! f*ck!

JKYB Gamers says:

number 8 is what voldemort suffered from-_-

thegamingfangirl13 says:

Megamind must have #3

FusionShardProductions says:

4:20 HOLY SHIT ITS KRILLIN, and they said DragonBallZ wasn't real.

Blob Of Happiness says:

This gets me worried about my kids when I get older 0-0

singingsun04 says:

I'm eating hot dogs while watching this

Uukio6464 says:

For #12 couldn't they just go through one of those cancer detecting type machines that make you lose all your hair. I think you lose it permanently or it just takes an extremely long time for you to grow some hair

Kokona Haruka says:

I have support for them but KILL THA THING WITH FIRE!

Benjamin Shepherd says:

1 in 16000? So there are nearly half a million babies with cyclopia isn that a lot??????

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