What Is Lyme Disease

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An evidence-based exploration of the concepts and common medical misconceptions of Lyme disease.


Gen Leysis says:

I was curious of this disease…

Ruche Vargas says:

I watch this because of avril lavigne ..

DJ MELO says:

Como cellama

Happy Unicorns Club says:

I came here from the interview of avril levigne (Spell Check)

Zainab El Naas says:

I came here because of Avril Lavigne

beMaister says:

Very helpful video. I'm wondering, what do you about the possible transmission of this disease through sexual contact?

Terio M says:

thanks for the info

Boyd W says:

You guys left out the part detailing its germ warefare origins at Plum Island. Jesse Ventura and the NY Times have covered it.

Brian Connell Sr. says:

I have had Chronic Lyme Disease for 20 years now. I do not get a bulls eye rash. I have a standing blood work order because that's the only way I know if I have Lyme Disease. Under our Skin was a very good video. I also have a number of books that I have read. One is called "Why Can't I get Better" written by  Richard Horowitz, MD. This is a very good book, worth every penny!! There are no LLMD in my little state of Rhode Island. I had Lyme the first time for 10 years. in the last 10 years, I have had it 7 times and have gone as long as 3 years without knowing I had it. I suffer from a number of problems, fog brain, swollen legs adema, extreme pain in lower joints some days bad some days not so bad. I had a successful carpentry business and had to shut it down, I am a copy of Under Our Skin, I spent my life savings trying to get better, not much information in 1995, thought I was going out of my mind!! Sorry this is so long but, it struck a nerve when I started reading the posts. No doctors will touch me for fear of them losing their license to practice medicine!!

kylie white says:

The man talking sounds like Caitlyn jenner

Elaine Clements Finn says:

Wrote a Lyme disease brochure with the help of two Lyme specialists. Will email a copy to anyone interested. God bless, Elaine

Jess D says:

Watch the award winning documentary "Under Our Skin" here on Youtube to learn the truth about Lyme Disease.

Stefan Radomski says:

NICE! Thanks for the material, although – there's A LOT of people sick, and not knowing english language. Is there a chance that you could add subs? In Poland – it is spreading very fast.

whp61 says:

Superb video.  Thanks for posting.

iluv2sing81 says:

Don't be fooled people – Those on here who discredit this video are no doubt stooges for the CDC- and you can save your breath- I am living proof the blood smear saved my life-

iluv2sing81 says:

I am a Lyme Advocate/inspirational speaker and this is the best informative video for Lyme Disease I have ever seen – keep up the great work

Eduardo Nascondo says:

BTW, in most states quacks who read biofilms and do live blood analysis are shut down as soon as regulators are made aware, quackery

Eduardo Nascondo says:

Sorry, but this is BS science. I have a PhD in Cell Biology, this is quackery.
This is the latest response to a stressful life, like yuppie flu was in the 80's and 90's
Read John Sarno Mindbody books, read Edward Shorter. Good psychotherapy can help this not a LLMD, they are just making money off of stress symptoms.

fup0fup says:

This video is inflammatory and shockingly misleading. I've actually had Lyme disease. So has one of my sons and many neighbours. (We usually get the Bull's eye rash, fyi.) We're 100% fine after treatment. The fanatics here claim (1:58) that up to half of us end up getting progressively more debilitating and possible life-threatening symptoms. And so they show us pictures of people in wheel chairs! Half of us, right? You know what? I really don't want my fine life to be threatened this way by the psycho-terror of the Lyme Action Network dimwits. Neither should you. There's is no reputable evidence for their claims. That LAN is presenting evidence-based medicine is pure propaganda. I know about how tricky diagnosis of acute Lyme's disease is — and that getting doxy for acute disease may entail a bit of a fight with medical system. But LAN is institutionalized neuroticism.  LAN does not help those of us who actually have to cope with life in tick-infested areas. What a shame!!

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