Documentary on Rare Diseases Day by Day , Rare Diseases Documentary

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Peter S says:

Poor people…I don't believe in god but i hope something better awaits them somewhere, its so unfair to have one life and live this way.

RampantArtist says:

OMg… at 3:28 the dude says he can't have sex with proteins! BAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it. I was about to get mad because I hate finding out a video is in subtitles… if it is not in English neither should the title, but now? Now this is a big favourite video. A man who can't have sex with a protein… because that is just awesome. Go ahead, consummate.. look it up. Obviously someone didn't.

Grace Cornelius says:

Thank you for this insight into the lives of these adults and children living with such debilitating diseases. My heart goes out to them and their families.

zavatone says:

"Do not forget to like and subscribe". That's when I click the down arrow.

Stephen VanBuren says:

wow this looks soooo hard. it makes me very grateful that my son is healthy.

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