Photoshop Tutorial | Face Logo Design | Galaxy Effect

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Probably my first logo design tutorial in photoshop, i mean i have done this kind of effects but i never had video focused only on logo.

Some people had also requested this effect, like saying how to design logo from face and i found it very interesting and good thing was that its really easy to crate logos like this.

people who are new to ps or the people who have never used photoshop can also follow this tutorial without any problem.

I have done nothing advanced in this tutorial. No masking of crazy stuff, and its really quick too, you don’t even have to cut out the subject for the effect, how awesome is that !!!

so i hope you guys learned something and if you have any questions ask me in comments below, till then good bye, take care and have some fun with photoshop 🙂

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Rahul Prasad says:

how can use this logo in my photos???

Xient says:

when i use threshold on my image, the background turns black, not white like yours, how do i stop this?

Leena Husa says:

logos are made with adobe illustrator, not photoshop…

gaurav singh says:

make a vedio on vanishing point tool

Masso Masso says:

so many option why so many filter This video is very difficult

krunal mistry says:

thanks dude.. i created my first official logo through this tutorial…

Henri Henry says:

great video! Thank you!!!!!!

Falconz Gaming says:

YO your getting a new subscriber greatest tutorial I've gotten for photoshop tweet me @SoL_Falcon to see what I did thanks to you

sarang mitta says:

You'r Awsome bro you Explain so Well…..

Sheetal Thakker says:

Totally new to this but i'm liking the simplicity & clarity of the instructions.
After using the lensflare, and using the clipping mask, why doesnt the pic show up for me?

Fahim Ahmed says:

how can use this logo in video ??

lhawkins40 says:

Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial, although I use Photoshop Elements I was able to follow along with the easy example and made my own logo and saved as png and PSD files. Thank you I have subscribed since you are a great teacher!!

nobel prize says:

very nice tutorial with all the details!! (y)…..any suggestions or tips for beginners like me…i'm totally new to this…i also want to learn all about graphic design and photoshop..any suggesstion will be helpful..thanks in advance…:)

DraGon PlayZ says:

Very Good And Effective Video Please Make More.You Just Earned A Sub

Manin intheworld says:

If it wasn't for the horrible accent, you would get more subscribers.

Muhammad Fernanda says:

where the font?

SuliKsa says:

simple and great .. thank you i just made my face logo in few minutes by following your video

Nawaz Bazmi says:

Oh yes i was missing make it SCreen. Just ignore my all question and answer only this one. can i export only logo as png and can it be vectored?

Nawaz Bazmi says:

You are really great. I did all the setting and instructions and came up with a great facelogo. But there is some problem .. Adjustment layer setting go apply on all things inside even on background. Same problem with lens layer but i see your lens layer adjustment is only on logo. what i am missing?

Nawaz Bazmi says:

can it be factorized with same settings?

Jason Patz says:

Very clever use of the over-saturated lens flare.

Tina Giles says:

very nice and clever!!!

Heda Alpha says:

why don't put link for download !!!!!

erdin says:

Hi ! I followed you in every step but photoshop doesn't want to make a clipping mask. I don't know why. Please help

Rubber Mallet Werks says:

Hey thanks! Enjoyed your tutorial! /Always Learning

anhtuan nguyen says:

but……not download images to practice

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