How Dangerous Is Lyme Disease?

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Every summer, the number of tick bites goes up, and with it, the number of cases of lyme disease. What is this disease, and it really that deadly?

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Lyme Disease Bacteria Older than the Human Race
“The bacteria that causes Lyme disease has been around for a super-whopping long time, according to evidence pried from ticks trapped in amber some 15 to 20 million years ago.”

Iceman May Hold Earliest Evidence of Lyme Disease
“The 5,300-year-old ice mummy dubbed Ötzi, discovered in the Eastern Alps about 20 years ago, appears to have had the oldest known case of Lyme disease, new genetic analysis has revealed.”

Increasing evidence points to inflammation as source of nervous system manifestations of Lyme disease
“About 15 percent of patients with Lyme disease develop peripheral and central nervous system involvement, often accompanied by debilitating and painful symptoms.”

It’s Spring – Time to Prevent Lyme Disease
“Lyme disease is the most commonly occurring vector-borne disease in the United States. An estimated 300,000 infections occur each year, of which only 30,000 are reported to CDC by state health departments.”

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Heidi Beering says:

Lyme disease sucks, man. I've had it for over three years.

ZoruaChan says:

I have two different types of Lymes…

Becky Gyorko says:

I never dreamed I would have Lyme disease, but here we are

Devon Parker says:

I got lymes deisese when I was around 6

TheGreenGamer TGG says:

I never had a tick and im happy.God bless all people to dont have any ticks

Su Amigo El Ilegal says:

i just founded out a day ago i have lyme disease. i have had it for year and half. doctors told me all lab were normal and i needed to see a phycologist and stop been depress. i have got better now with out any treatment and berly have any flare ups and symptoms except for my facet arthritis i develop and my stomach is really bad. i wonder if i still need treatment? the doctor said i was on the end of it but still positive even if i dont get really sick anymore. does anyone knows if i still need treatment

Anne_Atomic says:

I have Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia because they all hang out in the same ticks. I was probably infected for 17 years before I finally found a lyme expert (who is not covered by insurance). I was having major psychological symptoms like memory loss, comprehension issues, and I lost the ability to read. I was hospitalized with a heart issue called myocarditis, which is known to be caused by lyme, and I still wasn't diagnosed for another 3 years.
In the video, she kept citing the CDC, but their records are horrible and inaccurate. If you want real facts about the disease, the CDC are the worst people to ask. It's well known in the lyme community that the gov hates us, doesn't know anything, and doesn't want to help… Essentially. If you want real info, go to or ask someone who has it. Education is a powerful tool against any disease. And this is such a horrible disease it deserves a lot more attention than it gets.

Chris Nyholm says:

Avril brought me here

VenoMx_GaMing says:

i didnt know it was a tick and i yanked it off lol luckly its head was still on bc its head is the disease

Andre Thomas says:


Just Watching YouTube says:

i unfortunately have chronic Lyme, and it sucks:/

Michael Poirier says:

Just got back from a vacation in Maine visiting family. Helped my brother cut/mow grass and was bitten by the small lyme tick. Had the classic red welt with the red bulls eye.. Everyone told me to go right to the doctor and he confirmed it. They put me on antibiotics for ten days. Half way through the pills now, have had no ill effects yet. Doctor told me that because I started the meds right away, I shouldn't have any problems. Hope so!

Ching Min Hao Pao Chao says:

Avril Lavigne brought me here.

Ccc Captincookiecat says:

don't we have army in our body wtf

SlaveToNote says:

lyme disease is a bio weapon…… look up ticks, lyme, and plum island.   It even has its own patent….. Govt started playing with them about 1940 to infect the enemy !  That worked out well

ShimmerSparkles 101 says:

I am 12 and I live in Pennsylvania and I got diagnosed witj Lyme Disease 7 months ago.

kolbe moody says:

my dad got a tick and has lime desease by it in his beard

espartacos1 says:

we should star eating dogs in order to reduce dog population, Korea does it

soaddicted2her says:

just chew and swallow raw garlic and you'll be immune to pretty much everything

Lyme Diaries says:

I got Lyme disease to my mom when I was born and I still have it age 11 now

Kalika Burgau says:

Hi I was wondering if you guys would take the time to read my story of Lyme disease and having to have surgeries one of them being a hysterectomy at 24 because of it and share it on your page. I'm in desperate need of help and I'm poor. My family and friends are also poor and can not help me. Here is my story either way please let me know if you can or can't. I'm barely keeping my head above water as it is and that's without the medications I need and seeing the specialist I need to.

zachary rapoza says:

I got bit in spring and pulled it out. head got stuck. a week ago the spot it bit got infected and the head came out along with puss. now I'm sick with flu like symptoms. doctor said I have Lyme's. I feel like shit and now I'm on antibiotics for 2 weeks

Trey Wright says:

a week ago

Trey Wright says:

I got Lyme disease

Krissi Zitka says:

12 years and still suffering..:/

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