10 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test Part 4

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Amber Fernandez says:

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Alexgaming1502 Alex1009 says:

the potato clise no i don,t like

Destiney West says:

"Look at tha perfect slices of tha tomata." Lol I love how he talks

Priya Khos says:

The tuna gadget is so so wasting your money
Better I can do with my plate ha ha

Stellarriffic says:

There are much better versions of the last gadget

SenpaiThePie says:

"Different size. Pretty much rubber."

Same I got one too except its not used for food.

Abigail Jones says:

I wish I was as excited as you get about things lol

Iris Tiyong says:

5:12 Namjoon will not have problems with cutting onions again.

Megan Gauthier says:

no offenses

Megan Gauthier says:

he says wow for every thing

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