Panama Papers: The Greatest Scandal of the Modern Age

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ChildOfTheFlower says:

I'm native Panamanian and I can tell you that it is legitimately true when I tell people about Panama the response is "oh is that a city in Mexico?"

ADMG Hood Beat Tutorials says:

fuck a 666

Silver Pill says:

At the end of the day this will ultimately punish non-NATO nations and anti-big bank nations and figures, and I'm certain this was the agenda. 2TB of data and this is all we get? Let's use our brains here. "They" are expecting us to have a particular reaction to this and it would look pretty fucking obvious if the only people mentioned in the papers were non-NATO countries. Never mind Saudi Arabia, they're about to be False Flagged with the imaginary "lost 28 pages" of the 9/11 report. They're due an invasion. When these people need to get something done, they don't mind a few lower heads rolling for the sake of the op.

Missilanious says:

And Hillary loved the deal… pretty sure the Clinton foundation will be involved somehow.

fleetingdays says:

I've subscribed! I love your analysis. Thank God, I try to limit my information that comes from the mainstream media! We need you!

Nathan Coonrod says:

I heard on NPR the other day that the State of Wyoming is rife with tax evasion companies. The governor even condones it. USA residents don't need to go off-shore when Wyoming is there. Who would have known? Excellent presentation.

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Gerald Celente On Soros & The Panama Papers & Why A Hillary Clinton Presidency Means War

oscar cornejo says:

NOTHING will ever mater as long as money is allowed to circulate in the jury system.
even at worse if say some get jail time with money i am sure they just get jail at there home cos you will never see these ppl in real jail like normal ppl do.

rich ppl we adore to the point we worship there feet and never think of them as bad ppl.

poor normal ppl if any suspect arises we can see them as the worst offenders in the world and most normal ppl have no money for real attorney.

and yes we do get jail time cos we are POOR.

money is nothing but a evil tool.

sure money is nice to have but after you have a certain amount you become almost obses and just want more like a sickness.

i remember the politican in sweden saying if we lower our taxes more jobs would be created ofcourse it didnt and us normal ppl now have worse wages and still load of ppl
without work.

also i notice some time ago that left and right side politican there just no difference in who you pick.

well i am a dumb normal person so maybe i might be wrong lol

sergiu vasea says:


Frank Meier says:

This clip is for the normal people excellent to explain the magnitude of this leak.
I would find it better if you would use not so many times the word "fucking". Because then I could put a link on my webpage about it. Dont change your style, it is a fresh and nice and sympathetic style, just adjust your words.

I am not surprised that not many American names are in the list.
The reason why are only around 800 US customers in it is that they dont need Panama as tax haven. The USA are a tax haven them self. As long as the USA do not share tax data with other countries it is safe for the locals to create offshore at home.

Super Saiyan Donald Trump says:

4:25 Hi

Proxel says:

Yeah our mainstream media is shite in Britain.

browser067 says:

The biggest scandal is the way the corrupt finance banking system works that enslaves us all.

rock ok says:

again no US president?.. its too good to be true

aztec7520 says:

"The leak is being managed by the grandly but laughably named “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists”, which is funded and organised entirely by the USA’s Center for Public Integrity. Theirfunders includeFord Foundation
Carnegie Endowment
Rockefeller Family Fund
W K Kellogg Foundation
Open Society Foundation (Soros)among many others. Do not expect a genuine expose of western capitalism. The dirty secrets of western corporations will remain unpublished."

dr FeelGood says:

SOROS AND ANGLO-Zionists Blood thirsty bankers along with the CIA in the United Stated of Israel were the ones funding this hack , they exposed all this information to try to hurt Putin reputation and miserably failed , they tried to make ignorant people believe Putin is the "bad guy" and also failed as well , every single person exposed in this so called Panama Paper are people from outside the United States of Israel , you do not see one single American name in the leaks , one more propaganda method to try to destabilize Russia , this idiots havent been able to come up with one single piece of information that could blame Putin directly , maybe some close friends but not him , fucking Zionist Scumbags Jews

Moo01100 says:

These so called leaders and CEOs are fucking sociopaths who should be diced into millimeter cubes and fed into an anthill. All of them, the sociopathic immoral hypocritical duplicitous cunts. Ant food. That's all they are truly worth.

OnlyMyPOV says:

The tax haven countries do NOT benefit from legally offering to be tax havens. The lawmakers themselves must be personally benefiting in some way (hint, hint). Nonprofit foundations and their board members are no less corrupt. There should be NO tax haven countries, nor nonprofit foundations – there's a war worth fighting for (in opposition to the war on drugs and such). GO ICELANDERS, hopefully the world will catch up to you guys.

Emylin Olives says:

Those videos are helpful thanx

Si mon says:

As Wikileaks pointed out this is a USA/George Soros funded attempt to undermine Putin. But it has started to backfire on the US. Interestingly the same group used similar tactics to undermine leaders in Romania, Georgia and other countries. The big joke is, the USA is one of the biggest tax havens in the world.

rod ney says:

Yet we still ignore the elephant in the board room : The US Federal Reserve Bank . (Being a privately run business!)

Ishay says:

I fucking love this guy!

Saint Boudreau says:

no just a squeak the big scandal  in 2016 the US people are still ignorant and vote for puppets.

Joe Shmoe says:

What's the world power structure?
Is Larouche's 'Black Nobility' theory correct?
This would make international Jewry their administrative class?

Arctic Winter says:

Information Clearinghouse Styxhexenhammer666

IDGB says:

I hate the US media's terrible smudge campaign against Putin with the Panama Papers. No one will fall for it. I think it makes the rest of world hate us more because it is so blatantly obvious. Especially since there aren't US names as of yet.

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