Hearthstone – Best of Prince Malchezaar | Karazhan Funny Moments and Lucky Plays

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Hearthstone Best of Prince Malchezaar – Best of Hearthstone Funny and Lucky moments
Hearthstone Funny Moments, Top Fails, Rng, Combos and Epic plays – Hearthstone Plays
Best moments of Prince Malchezaar – One Night in Karazhan

-Best of Medivh: http://goo.gl/48yP3g
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Video 1 (0:00): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcdlIcleb4oIK6of1ugSJ7w [ Prince Malchezaar Rogue Deck ]
(Sound: Grizzly Bear 1 – Marcus Svedin)
Video 2 (1:10): http://twitch.tv/thijshs [ Varian Wrynn | Thijs ]
(Sound: Crusaders 2 – Johannes Bornlöf)
Video 3 (1:54): https://twitch.tv/ddahyoni [ Prince Malchezaar vs Prince Malchezaar ]
(Sound: Crash Bandicoot – The Wastelands)
Video 4 (3:29): https://twitch.tv/danehearth [ Dane Hearthstone ]
(Sound: Feel The Funk – Jimmy Fontanez & Media Right Productions)
Video 5 (4:21): https://twitch.tv/milleniumtvhs [ Medivh | Oliech ]
(Sound: Open Highway – Silent Partner)
Video 6 (5:17): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPmnuZETBrQ [ Double Fireballs | Kamruz Hearthstone ]
(Sound: Pokemon – Route 1 Acoustic Cover (Little V))
Video 7 (6:27): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PQaBwawtRw [ First game playing Malchezaar – Deathwing ]
(Sound: Doom OST – E1M1 – At Doom’s Gate)
Video 8 (7:19): https://twitch.tv/like_a_bawse [ Reno Jackson ]
(Sound: Gerudo Valley Dubstep Remix – Ephixa [Zelda])
Video 9 (8:23): https://twitch.tv/danehearth [ Barnes – Ysera | Dane Hearthstone ]
(Sound: Bonetrousle- Gooseworx Cover)
Video 10 (8:55): https://twitch.tv/reall1992 [ Millhouse Manastorm fail ]
(Sound: Hustle – Kevin MacLeod)
Video 11: (10:17): http://twitch.tv/nl_kripp [ Prince Malchezaar Arena |Kripparrian ]
(Sound: Happy Happy Game Show – Kevin MacLeod)
Video 12 (11:27): https://www.youtube.com/user/a9349348/featured [ Majordomo Executus ]
(Sound: Led Foot – Ethan Meixsell)
Video 13 (12:46): https://twitch.tv/ddahyoni [ Prince Malchezaar Warrior Deck ]
(Sound: Afrola – Bird Creek)

Outro Music Song : http://www.zedge.net/ringtone/1052180/

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Randomturtle001 says:

Once prince malchezaar added Barnes to my deck. Barnes summoned majordomo, I swiftly brewmastered majordomo to my hand. Always run brewaster XD

Funky Peter says:

omg 6:55 that song from moparscape nostalgia wtf

brian hutjens says:


Alex Ts says:

2:46 that top deck combo

Ortega Ortiz says:

Nice Doom music with Deathwing

Jonas Fer says:

7:22 like for Zelda music!

George Pap says:

The animation is so cool

Stelios Pas says:

7:21 Like a bawse, Greece!

nick tho8 says:

Never play manastorm

Hak Taryel says:

Kripp's face, lol

귤껍질 says:

우리엄마히오스왕 ㅋㅋㅋ 옥냥님

오재석 says:


Serban Cristian says:

That misslethal at 8:54

Dann_The_ Cat says:

but there is no malchezaar

Kikimora Kikimorova says:

Hi(sorry for my bad Korean)

Real Man says:

5:45 это какой из славянских народов?

한정우 says:


Онвшрев Лреазтем says:

Халявные паки! !!! http://hearthstone-gold.com/?id=a6NZtHtg

맹대희 says:

오 타요 도

맹대희 says:

옥냥님 계시네

김대영 says:

이거 한국인이 만든건가요?

motti15 says:

I am confused… at 10 minutes, the guy had lethal if he just chose that same card 3 times and instead of the zombies once.

Xnaut 1 says:

anyone else recognize the Crash theme

WorsePlayerBR 00 says:

Crash bandicoot music 1:53, good times ;)

박지환 says:

첫번째영상에 옥냥님나오시네ㅋㅋㅋ

Megalobst/Dark Bullet: XIV says:

2:00 crash is that you?

HOUSE & EDM says:

wow perfect

Whisper says:

ı just had prince malchezaar on the arena xd


τι ξερει ο bawse χαχαχα το ειχα δει live οτι καλυτερο,να κατεβασει control warrior στο la Kappa

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