Android App Development for Beginners – 26 – Finishing the Meme Apps Design

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Divyanshu. says:

When I insert the fragments, instead of showing the content of xml file, I'm just getting <fragment>.

Reyner Giovanni says:

when I upload the background picture, there is a rendering problem how can I fix it?

Nathaneal Greene says:

Does anyone know why I can't drag my text over my picture?

Grigor Zakyan says:

Why did we create the java files?

Shamak says:

The file is now called "content_main" and it won't let me drag anything onto it. When I try to drag to "activity_main" it turns green and won't let me drag anything onto it.

Vishal Subramanyam Rajesh says:

How to save the fragment as a meme in the phone's memory?
I have looked at the following StackOverflow answer which explains how to store the screenshot of a fragment as a Bitmap.
How do I save this Bitmap to the phone's memory so that the user will be able to use it through the phone's Gallery/Album app?

Rajat singh says:

every time we create a new xml file for different fragmnets what is the purpose of choosing Relative layout over linear layout

FugalBaboon says:

Having the newer Android 1.4 is completely messing me up. You only have activity_main.xml and in 1.4 i have activity_main.xml and content_main.xml. I try to drop the picture fragment in the bottom and it snaps to where it's right under the bottom home and back buttons. Also it says Hello world and wouldn't let me delete the text field. Just gonna watch cause I can't follow along anymore.

AJ213 says:

yay no need to program in froyo guys everyone has updated to gingerbread now! 100%!

Nick Pavlou says:

I don't think in current version of android studio 1.4.1 and sdk 23 you can just drag an drop the fragment. I follow exactly the steps and bellow the Devices sceen they are hanging "Custom View", and "include: object and other staff. Android studio doesn't allow me to simply drag and drop.

xodemifan1xo says:

is it necessary to use fragments? because my top part is the picture and my bottom part are the buttons for the user to choose…

Michael Xi says:

where shall we find your source code in the forum?

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