The Technomancer – Zoology quest

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Zoology is an optional quest in The Technomancer. You can obtain it in palace in Noctis. You have to kill three unique monsters and search their bodies to collect samples and bring them to your orderer. The most problem you could have with the Shield Toad, which is quite an opponent and the last monster to be found in this quest.




sean hufty says:

Such a dumb quest lol

Patrick GAMEPRESSURE says:

Hello, I'm rushing to explain 🙂 Toad is in location Canyon, which will show on your map, after some time and progress in main plot. If I remember correctly, about after finishing the quest Scott's Son he will disapear, and when you get some information you'll head to this location to rescue him. Before or after helping him out, go to the left pass, heading from your rover. At the end of the canyon you'll find the Shield Toad. I hope this info will be helpful :)

Владимир Леухин says:

Useless guide! WHERE IS Toad located? Why cut video???

Bennie Swinton says:

The last part where do u go

Zlotron says:

Where is Toad located?

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