NBA Daily Show: July 1 – The Starters

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On Friday’s episode of The Starters, the guys discuss everything that happened on the first day of NBA Free Agency: Does Hassan Whiteside deserve a $20 million raise? Does DeMar DeRozan’s contract hamper the Raptors? Is Chandler Parsons worth the max? The list of signees goes on and on: Andre Drummond, Bradley Beal, Jeremy Lin, Joakim Noah, Evan Turner…The Starters dissect ’em all. Watch The Starters weekdays on NBATV and get more of them on their website:


Eamon Wheatland says:

How about Dellevadova getting 9.5 mil a year from the bucks after averaging 7 PPG last season

Swoosh man says:

The nets are never gonna get better smh

Ebreeze84 says:

Americans rewarding average player again. No wonder the US is broke. Only winners deserves the kind of money Conley is getting. But hey, good for Conley.

pvanganimare says:

the era of 2nd and 3rd rate players/7th and 8th man off the bench getting paid like allstars/Superstars lol. Kobe Bryant's contract doesn't look so stupid now. Steph Curry is the 200th highest player now lol. What a joke. I understand there's a lot of money in the NBA but you don't pay the paper boys and janitors like a boss just because they "contribute" to the company. I wouldn't be surprise if curry demands a higher wage more than conley.

12tippettm says:

Damn sux there won't b a show for the rest of the great signings

Ken says:

Are you guys not gonna talk about OJ Mayo?

NathTheProGaming says:

Why do the Philadelphia 76ers not have a website?

Because they cant get 3 W's in a row

World of Bryson says:

+NBA I would jump into a pool and say where I would go

Pdawg Man says:

Lakers got deng

Pdawg Man says:

horford left

Nick Zimmermann says:

Horford to Toronto cause Biyombo is in Orlando now

Squidward the Savage says:

I wanna cum on trey kirbys beard. No homo tho

marty lewis says:

everyone knows kd staying in okc

Kevin Hagberg says:


Louis Joseph says:

Miami is screwed.

Iankyle1198 says:

$64m for 4 years for an upgraded Hibbert? Lol rip lakers

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