Dwyane Wade Leaving Miami? NBA 2K16 Park PS4

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MrJreed1000 says:

Dwade to the clippers? as soon as they sign their big acquisition acquisition of Austin rivers… I think they might go after dwade…cause kd isn't going to leave for at least 1 more season

Rich Thompson says:

When someone ruins your perfect pass 2:38

Jeremy Hurtado says:

If wade leaves u already know smoove gon be in tears #Floridian

Marc Saenz says:

You can't have a banana boat with 10 mill a year… Middle class doesn't even make 100k a year…

Leonardo NBA says:

Does everyone not know Wade has bird rights omg

Taylor Charles says:

Nvm about Joe Johnson lol

Taylor Charles says:

My Heat need to Drop everyone that isn't Wade, Whiteside, Bosh, and Joe Johnson

Uncle Drew23 says:

you forgot wade can also go to the cavs

thebeast12333 says:

As a heat fan that offer to D Wade is quite honestly sickening and I wouldn't blame him one bit if he left. I just really hope Pat Riley has something up his sleeve because seeing D Wade playing for any other team would honestly make me cry.

Blake Adamos says:

Shit I would settle with 1 million

justin menck says:

wade to Celtics gg XD but prolly wont happen

Royal Italian says:

Bruh he left out the nuggets in the wade talks. Nuggets and bulls are 2 most agressive pursuers

Frozen Tides says:

now everyone wants wade but was trashing him 2 months b4

makais mckay says:


TysonTube 10 says:

Wade is heading to the Mavs they'll offer him max.

At danielwong2 says:

How the heat only gonna offer wade 10mill a year? Thats a noob move

Caleb, Your average gamer says:

who thinks kd should go to the warriors ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

Taylan Ertan says:

Considering what kind of money even the bench players getting. Offering 10 Mil to Wade is an insult. I mean just his service to the heat deserves more than that.

Maraki Hutana says:

Hope d wade goes to cabs with his main man

Pyroclastic DOOM says:

A typo in the title? That's a noob move

Julian Gamez says:

Imagine the mavs having d Wade on the team

Roberts Lipskis says:


desmond So underated says:

so wowed he told them he wasnt going to them

Jeffrey Fox says:

Oh man…poor dwyane wade…only getting 10 MILLION DOLLARS.

Balmy Atom says:

smoove the heat can go over the salary cap to sign wade so cap space isn't a problem. unless i'm wrong lol

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