NBA Daily Show: June 30 – The Starters

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On Thursday’s episode of The Starters, the guys discuss everything NBA Free Agency: What is Kevin Durant’s most likely destination? Is Joakim Noah joining Derrick Rose in New York? Could Dwyane Wade actually leave Miami? They also discuss the USAB Olympic Basketball roster and make a pitch for a fifth Starter. Watch The Starters weekdays on NBATV at 7:00ET and get more of them on their website:


Tony Snell says:

Fuck al horford he's shit

Rush599 says:

I would have Boston over Spurs!

Tony Snell says:

Knicago Bulls

Ale Lama says:

so klay thompson is better than jimmy butler? Fuck u dickriders

Ale Lama says:

i like deandres new look

Mob Mob says:

I love this Show so much <3

Ale Lama says:

you think kd is going to be a secondary star. thats what he would be in gsw with curry

Ale Lama says:

Tas will teach the free agent how to dickride

THE baller says:


Dmytro Skrypka says:

the shouting at the beggining as probably the most annoying thing on the interner. Good thing I can just rewind

Dr_derp_gaming says:

There's no way warriors get KD, he wants his own legacy, not be the Scottie 2.0 of curry. Probs go to Celtics or back to OKC.

The Bones & Reaper Show says:

Hey guys, all players are at their peak, who wins and why? TEAM 1 – Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Charles Barkley, Kareem Abdul Jabaar OR TEAM 2 – Isaiah Thomas, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan and Shaq O'Neal.

The goat says:

Warriors gonna buy a pump up pitch

Crispc-Lilone says:

Listening to their podcast gives the show such a different vibe.
On the podcast they vibe with each other dopely, actually funny as hell.
Then it comes to this.. Mm

Ghostdialoog says:

360p early baby!

The goat says:

Warriors gonna buy a pump up pitch

ZionAfuang says:


EthanJarrod says:

WDYM the Knicks did get a rose

toogood totry says:

Dewade is going to thunder with kd al horfard Russel Westbrook and segia ibaka

Ollie Hunt says:

DWade to the Spurs is definitely a move that could work, they need a shooting guard.

Carlos Villalvazo says:

One guy being overlooked in free agency is Deron Williams..the dude is a solid young vet and former franchise player who'll be relatively cheap. He's a similar case to D-Rose as no one knows what he's got left but who ever picks him up will get a steal

LKBFilms 808 says:

FREE AGENCY!! Lets go!!!!!!

YOUR MY XX says:

i hope he goes to miami

JEGW11 says:

The Pelicans are gonna be good Next year because of
Jrue Holiday
Anthony Davis
Buddy Hield

Kyrie Irving says:

Someone please tell me where to skip

TenToes says:

why isnt ben simmons playing? 21:25

Kieran Philbin says:

And don't write of other nations in basketball as Spain , turkey, Australia and China are getting better

José Rolón says:

KD should stay in OkC, and wait this Free Agency to OKC get 1 or 2 Players who can Help Durant to win a Championship.

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