Kim Kardashian Mocks Rob Kardashian’s Weight Gain

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Kim Kardashian was not the most loving sister when she poked fun at brother Rob Kardashian’s weight gain during Sunday’s episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’

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Jaime Nicole says:

No one cares. The Kardashians are a joke, Kylie's lipsticks are worse than actual shit and they can all die in a pile of Christian Louboutins. Byeeeee!

miley cyrus is bae says:

her ass is faker than barbie doll.

fattymoko says:

The base of Kim's nose continues to spread more than her legs. She actually has attained (in spite of all that whittling away at the bridge of her nose) an ugly sneering flare to her lower face that is only framed by the equally gargantuan upper lip that she is so accustomed to forcing out, that now she looks like Mortimer Snurr. She's even got that uneducated, crossed eyed, expression and puppetry face paint. She started out with decent features but her ugly inside is starting to show on her face, something that few people can eradicate in spite of the gallons of botox they inject. She has a demonic, gaping mouth with that (as her sister Kourtney described it as) her ugly crying face. She can try to look glamorous. She only serves to enhance her gorilla features. You know, they say you eventually begin to look like your spouse. Kim didn't have to wait for the "eventually" part.

straightouttaLA69 says:

what comes around goes around

Agood heart says:

Is he on medication

Konad Eliza says:

Rob cannot keeping up with the Kardashians.

Donovan Campbell says:

Kim is a bitch and Rob is a sweetheart and I hope his weight loss goes well

Mohawk Zack says:

she shouldn't be saying anything cus she got famous for showing her vagina on video and now what will she say to her daughter how miss kim got famous??!!

Kelly Grumley says:

She's a bitch!! Because weight is soooo Important.

pdoll96 says:

my thought is that you should stop blowing up every little thing so that you can get ratings and stay relevant.

EH CBunny says:

She expects her brother to be as shallow as she is .

Tom Scholff says:

We dont care and they can die both

TheDanasue1953 says:


Rotmg Top 5 says:

Idgaf and no one else should either

Adam Drapala says:

I don't see what is wrong with what she said. "As he got bigger so did the tattoo" It's not like she said "as he got fatter" or "he's so fat now, his tattoo got stretched out".

highhotinfoil says:

it's a jab at the ex girlfriends

cerys fieldsend says:

This Proves Kim is a bitch

Natalia Stornello says:

C'mon Kim. You're better than this

Isabel Cruz says:

She said that to make him realise that his getting weight and to make him chance for the best but she's saying that for his benefit and she really loves him ❤️❤️

Mia Jump says:

We could make fun of her belly after having them 2 kids but it would be disrespectful.

Mariam Camara says:

She just is trying to make him realize his weight. She is his sister and that's how family is

Jade Cox says:

Family say things like that but she really loves him

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