Hipster Logo Design – Photoshop CC Tutorial

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📷 Wallpaper used in tutorial: http://alpha.wallhaven.cc/wallpaper/207833

● Font download links:
▶ Bebas Neue: http://www.dafont.com/bebas-neue.font
▶ Nexa Light/Bold: http://www.fontfabric.com/nexa-free-font/

● Check out my other tutorials: http://www.tristannelsondesigns.com/tutorials.html


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Wolfyy says:

love the vids thanks bro keep it up +1 sub +1 like

Piki HD says:

thank you bro!

CoolBig2 says:

Thank you!

Dave GB says:

Let's say i want to put a logo on a shirt does the background come on the shirt?

frimpong cecil says:

I really like the tutorials wat are de names of the softwares  used in

Rival ZumZey says:

my selection tool is too laggy..


Your video is great check out mine also https://youtu.be/lt5_Z9BJAtg Thank u

Dora Takacs says:

hello I'm a total beginner. what is the size of the background photo? how big should a transparent background for a logo be ?? many thanks in advance !

Sridhar krishnappa navanertham says:

when i place a symbol from custom shape it is very much pixalated. also the diagonal square is pixalated, where as yours is very sharp. please explain

maťko [CS:GO] says:

nice vid 🙂 thx

Darian Thomas says:

Did u get my email bro?

fajar septyano says:

what is your name brush? because i want to download it

Izdesign tuts says:

very great! Just subscribed to you! Please subscribe for mychannel

Fabrimixto says:

Link project? PLS

aR Meep says:

Whens the next montage songs going up?

R3CURVE Beats says:

hey nelson i was wondering if there was anyway that u could make me a logo and channel art because i am not very skilled with photoshop and etc i would really apreciate it and nice vid! +Nelson Designs

RebeLSnake says:

from Turkey greetings 🙂 !!

OlympicZine says:

Nice vid! <3

Ryyan says:

Great tutorial nelson!

Betaa says:

Who was that in the background? haha nice vid

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