Interior Design – A Modern, Edited Space That Proves Less Is More

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When it comes to decorating, Elte general manager Jamie Metrick prefers the “less is more” approach. See how H&H‘s Joel Bray and designer Kelly Buffey transformed his ’60s-era home into a cool and modern space with a soft palette and standout rugs.

Kelly created a clean and bright space that was the perfect jumping off point for the thoughtful, eclectic decor that Joel added with help from Jamie’s mom, Renee Metrick. First, Joel defined areas within the open-concept floor plan with statement furniture, like a tall bookshelf in the den and a large black and white photo above the sofa in the living room. The bedroom is warm and layered with natural textiles and moody shades, featuring grasscloth wallpaper that lends a cozy, intimate feel. Jamie’s favorite rugs act as art throughout the home.


Karla Dreyer Design says:

I really love the simplicity and elegance of this space!

jayc gylsen says:

Best video ever, what a great space using mixture of furniture, can you tell me where did you get large floor lamps and the tall skinny bookcase in the bedroom?

cpc jam says:

House and home designs are so predictable and boring.

sheilly smiley says:

so interior designing u design ur furniture or ur the one pts them in place?

Nina Perry says:

Where is the couch from?

lovac nasnove says:

Stunning!!! Are those Kristalia's BCN stools in the kitchen?

Stéphi M says:

Love the vibe this apartment gives you. Relaxing casual sophisticated place

undergroundparablist says:

Nice, but most of the designs on this channel are uber-white with very little pops of color. Are Canadians afraid of color?? Just curious.

Rolando Gavilan says:

The rugs are awful. No personality. It looks to much bore. The white on walls and floors are ok. But the furniture too much monotonous. It looks like the whole place needs color. The bathroom is great. The natural ilumination is awesome.

SHQIPE says:

where can I find that sofa?

ladyvee7110 says:

As usual for this channel, lots of white. I wish these designers would use more color.

ytcw says:

blow my mind, greeeeat

Liz Perry says:

Love the kitchen and den rugs. Are they one of a kind or can they be bought still?

jumbosilverette says:

I liked the wallpaper.

sú cursino says:

Lindo. Eu quero tudo.

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