Teen Girl Services 25 Boys In Bathroom – Caught On Snapchat

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A 15 year old female student who attends South Fort Myers High School in Florida was caught, via CCTV, servicing as many as 25 of her fellow male students in the men’s restroom after school. Apparently the act was recorded via Snapchat with several of the boy’s cellphones. What possesses a high school girl – and the boys – to do something like this? And where were the teachers? Comment with your thoughts.

Several boys engage in inappropriate activity with girl in South Fort Myers High School bathroom

High school student, 15, is caught on Snapchat…
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3600521/High-school-girl-caught-camera-having-sex-multiple-boys-girls-bathroom-campus-school-hours.html#ixzz49DxcN7wK


boss RUBIO 2016 says:

tf that shit is not funny weres the fucking teachers at that fucking stupid asf

Young Jedi says:

Some of my friends have the video

Nik Boldrini says:

This is not news: A 1965 a 16 year old girl student in a friends school made an oath she would screw every member of the football team. that accomplished she went in for the basketball guys.

Ann Stone says:

I think it's sad and that there must be something terribly wrong in that girl's brain and/or home to have led her to do this. Clearly, nobody raised her to have her own best interest at heart.

TryHardGaming says:

Team bonding!!!

Dean Nunziato says:

Her Instagram bio says that she doesn't care it happened and she would do it again if she could

Dean Nunziato says:

This happened at a school near mine. Completely disgusting and didn't think it would happen in an area by me

Dean Nunziato says:

The video is on lil boosie's twitter

Mr. Horse Ransome says:

Guess she was tryina go pro…

Altinez MTZ says:

What type a fuck shit?

quone mccaleb says:

damn her pussy done for already

Grimoire Heart says:

Wher is the vid ?

Its One Shot says:

I used to go there….I'm dead

Jim GFX says:

Anyone got the snapchat video?

Max Huck says:

where's the video of it?

jimmy cricket says:

If her name is Nancy I understand.

marckery blanchard says:

lol I saw the Snapchat video, some one put the high school musical theme song in the background "we're all in this together"

Livin4MyAngels stevenson says:

Did this young lady willingly participate in this or was she raped? The media can be the worse propaganda t.v at it's best.

jane froze says:

certified slutbucket

jane froze says:

this girl is a certified slutbucket

jane froze says:

this girl is a certified slutbucket

Golden Girl says:

Some of y'all in the comments can't just flame only the girl for being a whore, all those nasty ass boys are no better.

KippyGaming says:

Hey I'm going there next year wish me luck! :)

Naturenerd1000 says:

Obama did black mail every single school in the country like a dictator to allow men in the womens room or he.will cut their funding. You are seeing the insanity Obama has caused, and the morals, logic and boundaries of sociaty being crumled before your eyes. If our country keeps cacing into this B.S. than it will get far far worse!

robin monk says:

Garbage Media and dirty Internet and no God and careless

Coco Pops says:

What a whore…

Ima Carrot says:

she probably had fun

Pelegrino Crassus says:

Maybe it is time for you puritans to lower the age of consent.

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