Several boys have sex with girl, 15, in Ft. Myers high school bathroom

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Lee County deputies said a 15-year-old South Fort Myers High School girl had sex with multiple male students in the bathroom of the school.

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Edward Reyes says:

link to vid please XD

sure ok says:

Let her enjoy the cock, that is what its there for. Free fun, enjoy.

Cortez Smith says:

fort myers high school stay on the news

khalil cannon says:

somebody link this to me

Carol Shirley says:

only a bunch of degenerate adults would think that this is something to make jokes about. she is someone's daughter, that needs mental health services. idiots.

Lastindependentthink says:

I have been grossly misinformed about females. What happened to the Sugar and Spice?

James Fitzsimmons says:

The video is every where just go up to any high school student and ask if they have the video and if they don't I'm sure they know someone who does

china white says:

sick lol

PhuckHue2 says:

ooo dey doin the nasty

Hustla Jones says:

I got the video on my page part of it, I'm only leaving it up for one hour so YouTube don't delete my account. **MUST WATCH**

Diamond Wilson says:

she probaly got all std's hiv's etcr,ectr

Diamond Wilson says:

she probaly got all std's hiv's etcr,ectr

Serra Mesa Bill says:

What a awesome friend. Girl your the greatest!

Ms.Honeybear 2C4U says:

If that girl has a baby I'm gonna be the first to say who the daddy

jason turnbell says:

lmao what a ghetto shithole. South Foodstamp Myers High School.

If that ass 15 I'm 15 says:

( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡° )

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