How To Lose Weight in Nursing School!

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It’s hard to not to GAIN weight in Nursing School, much less LOSE it! Here are some ideas to help you lose weight in Nursing School!

I’ve been on my grind here lately guys. I’m currently down about 20 pounds since beginning this weight loss process and I plan on losing a bunch more. In this video I give you guys some tips on losing weight in Nursing School and becoming a healthier YOU!

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Lauren says:

Okay, so I'm the oddball who loses weight while in school because nerves makes me lose my appetite and I don't make time to eat. Which is not healthy either. Last week in clinicals there was a code in the ER and so our instructor wanted us all there to help with chest compressions, I hadn't had lunch yet and breakfast was like at 5am which wasn't like a peanut butter sandwich and I didn't take time for any breaks to snack…. and I didn't have the strength to push hard or fast enough….and I got written up. So that effects my performance on being a adequate nurse and lesson learn. We just have to take care of ourselves to be able to take care of our patients. I'm currently researching a good diet plan to keep my energy levels up! I will be observing in ER next week and I pray to God there will be no code but dang it I'm going to be ready!

Samurai Sam says:

Hello Nurse Bass! I just completed RN school and I gained a total of 20lbs from the start and end of nursing school. And I really need to lose the weight and study for my Nclex-Rn… Wish me luck. Thanks for the healthy advise! Yes, I would love to see you weight lose journey… That will help:). Take care. And best of luck to you.

Kimberly Pettit says:

Great video. Thanks!


i gained dam near 30 pounds in nursing school from sittin in the dam chair reading so much im so depressed and mad.. i was 170 n now im pushing 200, i never been fat n this is gettin to me bad dawg… FML…

Claudia Gutierrez says:

i love your videos! besides nursing school being so intense i cannot find the willpower to become diligent with a diet plan, wish i could. Im in nursing school i dont work but i have 2 kids, 8 & 11, and i am busy….i just need to stop with the excuses and get this ball rolling with weight loss.
THanks for the video! keep them coming

QueenWandaful says:

Yes Please post more about how you meal prep in nursing school.

alovesherdoggie says:

Yeah cool, recipes would be good!

sprinx99 says:

Def recipe meals. Thanks,

Hannah Salyer says:

I'm a first semester nursing student and also a fitness addict trying to keep up with my healthy lifestyle while in school. I really appreciate your tips!!! Happy studying :)

Nurse Bass says:

@Kay Reyes, I can't reply directly to your comment, but hopefully this response finds you! I think it's awesome that you know that you want to pursue Nursing already! The only advice I really have right now, since you are very early in your journey, is to make sure you are aware of the pre-requisite requirements of the program that you are interested in, and do you very dang best to make A's in those courses. You really want to be able to shine because a lot of times nowadays, there isn't an interview component to the application process. Most times, the only thing these schools are looking at is your grades on a piece of paper. So you want to make sure that they shine. I would also make sure that you really do your research on the program: make sure you meet other requirements of theirs, if any (becoming certified as a CNA, volunteer hours, etc.). Not all programs require these, but there is always something additional to be done lol. Also, it would probably be wise to research their NCLEX pass rate to make sure that it is worth your energy and effort to try and get accepted into this particular program. But all of that stuff aside, let me tell you something: Do NOT be paranoid or fearful of getting rejected my friend. It happens to everybody. But you're at Ground Zero, the very beginning of your journey. You haven't made any mistakes yet, and your slate is clean. You're in a perfect position right now to really grind, make those beautiful grades, learn as much as you can, and submit that application! The rest is in God's hands my friend. Good luck!

Houston Skipper says:

I highly recommend doing batch cooking on the weekends. Take the time to cook some weekly "staples" like rice, vegetables, and other things you can throw together throughout the week. That way it only takes 10 minutes to get a healthy meal instead of 30 or more.

Chris Jackson says:

FYI, I drink 2 gallons of water/day and my dermatologist said no more than that for water intoxication reasons. She also said drink gatorade, powerade, etc to put electrolytes back in you

Tina Ortiz says:

Keep up with the good work! Getting and feeling healthy is the key.

NurseMurse says:

Dood I miss the days of healthy nursing haha. That playlist was fun though! Way to get back on it man. I had a snickers for breakfast before my test this morning haha. but I feel I been on it too. Though last week was rough with school/clinicals. Like you saw on fb we went to the trampoline place man and that was killer! Seriously, I may actually go occasional cuz the exercise was great! I need to do stuff thats fun or its hard to be consistent for me!

Kay Reyes says:

Hi Nurse Bass, you are honestly the best nurse I have ever heard of! I was wondering, what would it take to get into nursing school? I am a senior in HS and I want to go through the SDSU program, but I am too paranoid about being rejected because of lacking something. Do you have any advice and any key factors to have a good chance of getting accepted?

Angie Mitchell says:

Great video! Congrats on the weight loss…

brian jackson says:

Great video would definitely like some more videos on this subject

jesus saralegui says:

hell yeah bro. do more workout vids or what not. anything go benefits future nurse man. haha

disneychick8891 says:

losing weight in nursing school is a hard one…there is so much ways to gain weight in nursing school. For example, days you have class and clinical, you are extremely tired to cook anything and it's so easy to buy food on the way , eat and go home and study, prepare for the next day. Also, in the clinical setting, most of the nurses always have junk snacks for student in form of candy bars and the cafeteria in the hospital serves pizza, cheeseburgers, most times it's not the very best food.

I would say to be healthy as a nursing student, takes real discipline, first you have to cook on the weekends as you said and then freeze the meal for the week days, also, during class lectures…have ur water by your side, avoid going to the vending machine, also at clinicals, …bring your own healthy lunch, avoid eating candy from the nurses who give them free to

lol not easy! am still struggling with this one cos even when l want to eat healthy, l get so tired after a 10 hour clinical…just want to study,

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