Panama Papers Leak In A Nutshell

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Link to papers:

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Klaus Bj says:

This is just a targeted smear campaign against Putin, Assad and Iceland. Basically everyone that is at odds with western imperialism.

Fuck NATO says:

lol another bullshit attempt to smear Vladimir Putin using the actions of others. Surprised no one from the western 1% isn't in this. And this shit is funded by George Soros the biggest crook of them all. He probably hoards more money offshores than anyone on the list.

Jerm Stone says:

I would like to know mooooooooore.

Ztygs says:

Where can you see these papers?

Cid Williams says:

This seems like something straight out of a Diehard/Bond film. Very surreal.

Hovar Mustafa says:

This is crazy. But seeing how people care more about wrestle mania than this… well needless to say it doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence.

ScratchOut Creations says:

We'll see what happens. This is Big. What are your opinions on it?

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