The BEST Black Friday Tech Deals! (2015)

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The Best Black Friday Tech Deals! (2015)
Newest Black Friday Deals! Blue Yeti sale!
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Samsung 60″ 4K UHDTV:
LG 43″ 4K UHDTV:
20,800 mAh External Battery:
Slickwraps Hero Wraps:
480GB SSD for $109:
Sony Extra Bass Headphones:
Logitech Performance MX:
Go Pro Hero Silver Bundle:
128GB USB 3 Flash Drive for $36:
Gaming Deals:
Canon T5 Bundle:
64GB SD Card:
Whiteout Blue Yeti + ATH-M50X for $159!

Best Buy Black Friday:
Target Black Friday:
Walmart Black Friday:


Humberto Neto says:

+Jonathan Morrison the giveaway gives some love to your international viewers?

bigphatbandlover says:

I went Walmart Black Friday stampede on that like button!

DIYEyal says:

2:49 What the hell is this? I have heard of black friday once or twice, but never knew it was such an event that people go crazy over in stores..

OnesmartclicK says:

#BlackFriday is here, and every company is coming up with their special #WebHosting Black Friday #Discount for Black Friday… Get best Deals on Web Hosting with Huge Discount Check :

Timothy Ezra says:

wow, giveaway

Raj Ghuman says:

That TV is 120 CMR…. meaning it is a 60hz. For the general audience, that's the shittiest 4K TV money can buy.

Silaghi Arnold says:

Cool deals….

Josh Danao says:

I want itttttttttt!!!!!!

A Patel says:

I'm from england and watched the entire video, why?

Zomby Zomby says:

News or ads?

voltzyhit says:

Anyone complaining about ANY black Friday specials are stupid.
We don't even get black Friday sales in Australia.

Wing Man says:

Love your videos a f*** ton, but can you please list the price of each item you present. It would make it a lot more appealing and convenient. Thanks keep the good work!

MrSparkzz says:

you kept mentioning "madness" when talking about Best Buy's Black Friday.

But we make things very organized and madness free. (At least in my area) we do a ticketing system instead of just opening the doors and letting a swarm of people flood the store.

Matteo Mazzanti (VocableEnd5) says:

love these videos with a brand new giveaway at the end!

ThyBallisticLui “Slayer” 57 says:

I really liked that tv deal tho! Thank goodness might just go bro!

iH85CH001 says:

Hey, is there anywhere that I'll be able to get an iPod touch 5th/6th gen, doesn't matter, but I only have around $100 to spend. Is this even possible at all without going on ebay or something of that nature?

Helmi Nurfuadi says:

What was that at the intro?

Master Sear says:

is That IPad air feel like I pizza on hand I really wanna feel it

Kevin Cheng says:

I'd really want to win that iPad pro

Rare Crafter says:

Can You do A review and Unboxing on the LG Magna Please?

musicforlife2016 says:

I just found this channel and I'm already watching everything!!

Jacob Bennett says:

Damn it Ralphy!

Danh Luc says:

wish ATH-M50X be like $50 lol
Can i have ipad pro Jonathan? 🙂
i have ipad 2, it run so slow now :'-(

Irving y Valentina Cocom Ku says:

Do you buy any Apple product? 🙂 This will have the same price? sorry for my english (i'm spanish).

Devnave Mark says:

Wishing Black Friday to valid for Whole the World . :)

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