Meet Sara Ranjbarvaziri, Ph.D. Candidate in the Ardehali Lab at UCLA. Sara’s research studies the cells that produce scar tissue, with the goal of preventing scar tissue from forming after a heart attack. To [More] Meet Yoh Suke Mukouyama, a leading investigator in the Laboratory of Stem Cell & Neuro-Vascular Biology. His lab uses high resolution images to see how neurons communicate with blood vessels. They are using their [More]
Charlie introduces three powerful options trading strategies for beginners to the stock market and options. He also goes into some of the risks and rewards involved with options trading. 3 Strategies Covered In Video: ✅Selling [More]
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Want some hot tips on how to get your children eating healthy? Recent surveys in Britain report that up to 20% of children in this country are obese. It turns out there’s plenty parents can [More]
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Giant Robots Are Stolen~! Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Robot Click To Subscribe~♥ 👉 👈 Click To See More Movies~♥ 👉 👈 #dino #hulk #toysroty #buzz #robot Enjoy our Family Channels’ Videos! #ToyMartTV [More]
War Robots – Live Stream Gameplay of the NEW “Phantom” robot at Max MK2 levels using different setups. Music provided by Monstercat. This Year’s Videos: This Year’s Live Streams: This Year’s Test Servers: [More]
Welcome to my channel! Just thought I’d show you a typical day as a Software Engineering Intern at Lyft, located in the China Basin area of San Francisco. I was there for 16 weeks (January [More]
a typical and not at all fictional day in my life as a software engineer in san francisco, california this video is an homage to mayuko’s original video Hope you enjoy my goofy take [More]